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Redline – Internal Pipe Coating System


If you are having problems with pin-hole leaks, poor water pressure, pipe corrosion or contaminants leaching into your water supply, Nuflow Redline is the solution and you will not have to worry about these problems again.

By using Epoxy Resin we can completely coat the inside of your water, air, gas, fuel lines etc in almost any type of material ranging in diameters from 12mm to 300mm.

Redline is perfect for all Residential, Commercial and Industrial piping with minimal disruption to operations. Redline provides an evenly coated “epoxy” barrier between the host pipe and the liquid or gasses passing through it to prevent future leaks and protect your water supply from lead and other contaminants leached from your piping and joints.

This is a simple, cost effective solution and permanent repair without the inconvenience, disruption, destruction and restoration which are involved with replacing your pipe lines.

Before and After image of a pipe repaired using NUFLOW Redline solution


Nuflowepoxy is UL certified safe to NSF/ANSI Standard 61. The epoxy was developed and patented by the U S Navy and has been successfully used by Nuflow technicians since the mid-1980s for the U S government and in domestic, commercial, industrial, and other applications. Testing engineers estimate the life expectancy of the epoxy is roughly 100 years.

Pipe lining is as much as 50 percent less expensive than traditional pipe replacement costs such as repiping. Lining is a non-invasive process, so there is no destruction to buildings, hardscape or landscape. Reconstruction costs for repiping are as much as 60 percent of direct pipe repair costs and epoxy lining eliminates the need for reconstruction.
The epoxy lining process takes a fraction of the time of traditional repipe methods. For example, a repiping job that would normally take a full 6 to 8 weeks can take as little as two weekends (or 4 days) for Nuflow to complete.
Nuflow’s pipe restoration process is quick, quiet, non-invasive, and requires no displacement of a building’s occupants. When needed, temporary bypass water systems are quickly installed to provide uninterrupted water service so that occupants, businesses and clientele may continue business as usual in an undisturbed environment.
Epoxy lining can be performed in any metal pipe in any building, structure or environment, above or below around. Lining has been installed by Nuflow technicians in the piping systems for hotels, high-rise condominiums, hospitals, restaurants, airports, schools, museums, U S Navy ships and many other commercial arid industrial companies. The solution is available for potable water pipes as well as hot water recirculation systems, fire sprinkler and fire suppression systems, chillerlines and HVAC systems.

Lining is an eco-friendly solution that creates no waste for landfills or for recycling and generates no carbon emissions during manufacturing. Lining prevents toxic heavy metals from leaching into drinking water and prevents leaks and breaks in pipe systems that contribute to water pollution and cause billions of dollars annually in water damage. Revolutionary, green technologies such as epoxy lining have replaced temporary, outdated pipe replacement methods as an eco-friendly trend that efficiently and economically controls pollution of our water sources and helps conserve valuable water supplies.


Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. approval to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 for safe use in drinking water pipes in North America

Australia/New Zealand approval 4020 for Safe use in drinking water pipes is pending

International Gas Code 18902006

IAPM0-listed. as compliant with IPC and UPC



Manufactured under a Quality Management System approved to ISO 9000

Technical Specifications

Pipe diameter ranges from 1/2 inch to 10 inches, with larger custom sizes available

In pressurized pipe systems, the epoxy lining withstands the psi rate of the host pipe

Will tolerate and negotiate multiple 45 and 90 degree bends

Will negotiate all junctions and changes in pipe diameter


UL Certified to NSF Standard 61
ASNZ 4020


Reline-A-Pipe NSW is a licensed Nuflow Installer.

We provide a “no dig with minimum to no destruction” solution to repairing damaged or leaking services including sewer, stormwater, potable water, fire systems, gas services and many more.

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Always there when we need them, always personable, always professional, and always takes care of the job the first time out. We have found an outstanding plumbing company, which is a tremendous relief to know that they are there if we ever need them for an emergency!

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Fast and reliable service. I have used this company twice now and both times they have gone above and beyond for me. As a business manager myself, I always appreciate good service and fair pricing. Highly recommend their plumber Matthew

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High quality, friendly and prompt service. The service was delivered when promised and helpful advice was also provided. Highly recommended this company.

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I was really happy with the service. Great response time and very professional work. Andrew the plumber took the time to talk me through the job and showed me all the steps he was going to be doing. Would happily recommend to anyone.

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I was really happy with the service. Great response time and very professional work. Andrew the plumber took the time to talk me through the job and showed me all the steps he was going to be doing. Would happily recommend to anyone.

Elena Georg

Called in for some work at my mother's place to attend a toilet blockage . From the minute of booking the job and a lovely young lady at the office assisting the correct job was booked in. To the completion of the works with the site technician was such a breeze. I am very impressed by their overall service and quality of work. Will be our go to local plumber from now on.

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