New Build Oran Park – Screw Pier Through Sewer

New Build Oran Park – Screw Pier Through Sewer

The Problem
During construction screw pier foundation had been screwed right through new 100mm PVC sewer line in slab of a new house build, collapsing sewer and blocking line completely preventing any use by new owners.

Work Performed
Utilising our robotic cutting tool we were able to cut out the collapsed pipe, leaving a severely damaged pipe with large missing sections. Then using our Nuflow relining system we were able to repair a 2m section of damaged pipe, relining over all the voids in pipe with a continuous smooth liner. This whole job took 8 hours and we were in and out in the one day allowing the house owners to move straight back in with full use of all drainage fixtures.

Would have been to rip up new tiles and cut through the concrete slab to excavate the damaged pipe and replace it. These works would have caused major disruption and extensive reinstatement costs.