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No Dig Pipe Repair

Why Dig? When you can simply Reline A Pipe. We provide a NO DIG or Destruction solution to repairing damaged, broken or leaking pipes, including sewer, stormwater, water services, fire systems, gas services and many more.


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Since 2004, Reline-A-Pipe NSW has developed a team of highly trained and qualified pipe relining installers and Regular training to ensure we have the latest and best knowledge and equipment.

There is no relining job which is too big or too small. We specialise in all Commercial, Industrial and Residential pipe relining. We will provide a solution to rectify any of your relining problems.

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Types of Pipes & Drains We Reline

Stormwater Pipe Relining is a method used to restore the integrity of stormwater drain pipes. It is crucial in preventing flooding and water damage to various structures. This approach is effective in repairing damage to downpipes, underground and horizontal pipes in both residential and commercial properties. It is recommended to address any issues before any storm events occur to reduce the likelihood of damage to your property.

Sewer drains are one of the most important aspects of plumbing in your home or business, which is why you need to have it looked at as soon as you notice a problem. The pipe relining method of sewer repair for persistent blockages in your sewer system is the best way to get everything flowing again with 100% confidence the issue will be resolved. Issues like pipe aging, foreign object build-up, and tree root infiltration can cause these blockages. Once tree roots enter the drain, they will continue to grow back after being removed. They thrive on sewer nutrients and can return thicker and stronger within 6-12 months.

Gas relining service is essential for residential and commercial sectors in Sydney. Many households rely on gas pipes for cooking and heating. These pipes are often hidden in walls or underground. Damaged pipes can cause serious problems and mean tearing down walls. Gas relining is a cost-effective solution for fixing damaged gas pipes without having to tear down walls or cause any more destruction than necessary. Call our team to find out more about Gas pipe relining.

Pool pipes are commonly found underground, in difficult positions, or near the pool itself. Pipe relining offers a no-dig solution to reach these pipes and repiar them permanently, without having to uproot trees or harm the pool structure.

Fire sprinkler systems may develop leaks and corrosion over time, decreasing flow efficiency. This indicates the need for maintenance. Pipe relining is a cost-effective solution to restore functionality instead of replacing the entire system. Our specialist sprinkler relining services provide a safe, long-lasting solution for leaky, corroded, or outdated fire sprinkler systems.

Trade waste water comes from industrial or commercial sites and may contain harmful substances that will have a damaging efect of the environment. It is important to reline these drains to avoid costly and time-consuming excavations. Relining trade waste drains is a significant advancement in plumbing and is the preferred method for repairing damaged pipes and drains.

Pipe relining in Sydney offers cost-effective alternatives to traditional methods, potentially saving up to 50% on repair costs. Through innovative technology, we deliver efficient and high-quality service with minimal disruptions to your daily routine. Enjoy a hassle-free plumbing system and durable, long-lasting pipes for peace of mind.




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Always there when we need them, always personable, always professional, and always takes care of the job the first time out. We have found an outstanding plumbing company, which is a tremendous relief to know that they are there if we ever need them for an emergency!
Suphannee Nilnol
Fast and reliable service. I have used this company twice now and both times they have gone above and beyond for me. As a business manager myself, I always appreciate good service and fair pricing. Highly recommend their plumber Matthew
Iain Taylor
High quality, friendly and prompt service. The service was delivered when promised and helpful advice was also provided. Highly recommended this company.
Suphansa Beattie
I was really happy with the service. Great response time and very professional work. Andrew the plumber took the time to talk me through the job and showed me all the steps he was going to be doing. Would happily recommend to anyone.
Elena Georg
I was really happy with the service. Great response time and very professional work. Andrew the plumber took the time to talk me through the job and showed me all the steps he was going to be doing. Would happily recommend to anyone.
Elena Georg
Called in for some work at my mother's place to attend a toilet blockage . From the minute of booking the job and a lovely young lady at the office assisting the correct job was booked in. To the completion of the works with the site technician was such a breeze. I am very impressed by their overall service and quality of work. Will be our go to local plumber from now on.
Janice Thompson



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