Frequently asked questions about relining in Sydney


What size hole needs to be dug in order to start the relining process?

Excavation can typically be totally avoided depending on the existing pipe configuration and repair style. If necessary, only one small excavation will be required.

Is there going to be a decrease in the pipe diameter?

The pipe’s overall diameter decreases by 6mm, but this does not impact its required capacity. In fact, the smoother inner surface of the pipe improves flow rate and self-cleansing properties.

What are the measurements for the pipe’s diameter and length?

We have the capability to process lines ranging from 50mm to 250mm in diameter, with a maximum length of up to 50 meters or more.

Do you only line sewer lines?

It is possible to line any pipe, whether it is horizontal or vertical, round or rectangular, for sanitary sewer, stormwater, or any other waste or water pipe or drainage system.

Can you reline bends in the pipework?

It is possible to reline multiple bends with just one liner. Our team have the skill and equipment to do this.

Can you reline junctions?

Yes, we have the capability to install a full one-piece junction liner and restore junctions.

Which types of pipes are suitable for relining?

Any kind of pipe can be relined. Whether its a pool pipe, fire service, sewer, stormwater, gas pipes or trade waste – we can reline them all.

What will occur if the roots have gone into the pipe?

The pipe undergoes cleaning using high-pressure water jet, typically resulting in root removal that allows for problem assessment. After cleaning, the pipe can be relined to prevent root re-entry.

What is the size of the pipe that can be relined?

Pipes ranging from 40mm to 225mm in diameter are eligible for relining.

Is relining expensive?

When considering all aspects, relining the pipe is a cost-effective and eco-friendly option in comparison to digging up and replacing it.

Is relining guaranteed?

We offer a 50 year guarantee on every job we complete, which is typically double the guarantee provided by most plumbers who opt to dig up and replace instead.

Will roots be able to re-enter my pipe after it has been relined?

No, the liner creates a new pipe within the old pipe so strong that the tree roots cannot enter.

Can you fix a broken junction piece?

The one-piece junction seal can be installed in 100 or 150mm junctions with different configurations for both 45 and 90 degree applications.

What is the reason many plumbers don’t recommend this type of repair?

Put simply, not all plumbers are trained in relining and may not have the capacity to do relining. Many plumbers also resist change and hesitate to provide services they are unfamiliar with. Relining can be viewed as a threat by some plumbers, as it eliminates the need for line cleaning.

I need to figure out if relining is appropriate for my application and if it will solve my issue.

A camera inspection is necessary to decide on the most suitable repair method for each situation. While relining may not work in all cases, it could still be required in addition to traditional repair techniques.

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Reline-A-Pipe is prepared to assist in repairing and rehabilitating essential drain infrastructure with pipe relining. If you require pipe repairs in Sydney, consider choosing Reline-A-Pipe as your first choice of reline installer.

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The Cost of Pipe Relining in Sydney

If you’re dealing with blocked drains or broken pipes in Sydney and need an affordable, non-disruptive solution, we are here to help.

Our team specialises in pipe relining, a method using an epoxy resin liner to seal old pipes without the need for disruptive digging during replacement. Which means tree roots (and other items) will no longer be able to enter the drains or get caught on cracks.

Our relining products are of the highest quality due to our imported high-tech equipment from Germany and the UK. Additionally, we provide affordable rates and a 50-year guarantee on all new relined pipes for customer satisfaction.


What is the price of pipe relining services in Sydney?

If you’re curious about the cost of pipe relining in Sydney, Reline-A-Pipe provides customised pricing based on your requirements and budget. Typically, we determine the cost per meter for pipe relining.

The price of pipe relining per meter varies from $400 to $1200 or higher, depending on the size, length, and accessibility of the pipes being worked on.

In order to determine the reline requirements, a professional plumber or pipe specialist must evaluate the damage and extent of repairs. This assessment can be conducted visually or with specialised tools like a CCTV camera for internal pipe inspection.

The plumber can calculate the required pipe relining meters and cost of the project. Professional pipe evaluation is crucial for accurate repairs and preventing future damage or expenses.

Distinction between Pipe Relining and Replacement

Pipe relining and pipe replacement are two distinct methods utilised to fix or substitute damaged pipes. Pipe relining consists of placing an epoxy resin liner inside the current host pipe and inflating it to completely seal the old pipe. This approach is quicker, less intrusive, and more budget-friendly compared to conventional pipe replacement, which entails excavation and potential property damage.

Pipe replacement involves removing and replacing damaged pipes with new ones, which can be time-consuming and expensive. Although pipe relining may have higher short-term costs, it is often a more practical and cost-effective solution in the long run considering the added expenses and disruption caused by pipe replacement.

We offer pipe relining, blocked drains services, strata relining, and commercial relining services. This process can be carried out on PVC pipes, Copper pipes, terracotta pipes, steel pipes and many more.

One of the advantages of pipe relining is that it is quicker and less invasive, avoiding the need to disrupt your yard or driveway. Additionally, it is a cost-effective option compared to traditional pipe replacement due to the elimination of excavation and property damage expenses in the long term.

Reline-A-Pipe is a plumbing service provider that covers the Sydney area, including the Inner West, Eastern Suburbs, and Western Suburbs. Our services include pipe relining stormwater pipes, sewer pipes, gas pipes, pool pipes, fire services and many more. Have peace of mind that your pipes are in perfect condition with our team at Reline-A-Pipe.

Can you explain the process and timeline for me?

Pipe relining solutions in Sydney typically involves minimal to no excavation, allowing the work to be finished in just one day using advanced equipment from Germany and the U.K. This contrasts with extensive retrenching projects that can take weeks, lead to aesthetic damage, and cause inconvenience. The choice seems clear to us.

Is pipe relining in Sydney as durable as replacement pipes?

Relined pipes are significantly stronger and more durable than replacement pipes, lasting up to 50 years or more in Sydney. This innovative pipe lining technology from Reline-A-Pipe is a long-term solution that can save you money.

What is the cost of pipe relining?

The cost of pipe relining in Sydney per metre can range from $400 to $1200 or more, depending on the job’s complexity and size. Despite variations, pipe relining is generally a more cost-effective option in the long term compared to traditional methods involving extensive excavation. Call us for a quote for pipe relining today.

What is the process of pipe lining in Sydney?

We start by using a high pressure water jet to clear the drain. Then, we use a CCTV camera to find any issues in the drain. Next, we put in a liner made of poly-woven, felt, or fibreglass impregnated with epoxy resin. This liner is inflated or inverted to replace the old pipework. After inflation or inversion, the resin is cured with hot water, steam, or ambient air to create a strong seal. Once the resin sets, we check the system, and the pipe relining process is finished.

The advantages of trenchless sewer pipe relining.

We use industry-leading technology to create a new pipe inside your old one without digging a trench. The cost of trenchless sewer pipe relining can be higher than traditional repair methods but is usually more effective and less invasive. Costs can range from $400 to $1200 per meter. Our expert team can provide valuable advice for your residential or commercial project.

Our skilled team is proficient in repairing various pipe types around Sydney. This encompasses commercial, sewer, strata, and domestic pipe projects across different areas in Sydney.

We offer a 50-year installation guarantee for all new pipe lining projects in Sydney, along with the best warranty available for sewer pipe relining jobs. Additionally, we are fully covered by comprehensive public liability insurance.

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Feel free to contact our team for any inquiries regarding residential or commercial quotations.

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What is UV Pipe relining and how is it better than traditional pipe relining?


UV pipe relining is a cutting-edge technology that involves using ultraviolet light to cure a resin liner inside damaged pipes. This process creates a seamless, durable, and long-lasting new pipe within the existing one, without the need for costly and disruptive excavation. It also takes less time to cure and se than other pipe relining products available, which means less down time for your plumbing system while we do the repairs.

One of the main advantages of pipe relining is its ability to repair pipes without the need for excavation. This means minimal disruption to your property, reduced costs, and faster completion times. Additionally, pipe relining is a more environmentally friendly option compared to traditional methods as it eliminates the need for heavy machinery and reduces waste.

In situations where traditional pipe relining techniques may not be suitable, UV pipe relining can often provide a better solution. For example, when dealing with pipes in hard-to access locations, such as under buildings or roads, UV pipe relining is the preferred option as it eliminates the need for excavation and minimises disruption to surrounding areas. Additionally, UV pipe relining can be used on a wider range of pipe materials, including PVC, clay, cast iron, and concrete.

Our UV relining services offer numerous benefits to property and business owners in Sydney. Not only do we provide a cost-effective solution for repairing damaged pipes, but we also offer a long-term fix that can extend the life of your plumbing system. By choosing UV pipe relining over traditional methods, you can avoid costly and time-consuming excavation work while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with knowing your pipes are fully restored and protected with a 25+ year guarantee.


If you are in need of pipe relining services in Sydney, consider opting for UV pipe relining for a more efficient and effective solution. With its ability to repair pipes without excavation, minimal disruption, and environmental benefits, UV pipe relining is a superior option compared to traditional methods. Contact us today to learn more about our UV relining services and how we can help restore your plumbing system with minimal hassle and cost.

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Reline-A-Pipe is prepared to assist in repairing and rehabilitating essential drain infrastructure with UV lining. If you require pipe repairs in Sydney, consider choosing Reline-A-Pipe as your first choice of reline installer.

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UV Pipe Relining – What Is It?


Reline-A-Pipe provides professional Ultra-Violet (UV) relining services for cracked, fractured, or damaged drains. These issues are a concern for various clients such as asset owners, utilities, councils, and commercial clients. With over 20 years of experience, Reline-A-Pipe offers UV relining as a modern solution for aging or damaged pipelines. Our expertise allows us to renovate sewer or stormwater systems quickly, effectively, and cost-efficiently.

Our team have years of experience in sewer and stormwater services and drain maintenance. Our skilled team provide quality services based on their specialised industry experience. Before beginning work, we will inspect and offer advice on the root of your drain line issues. Trust us to deliver reliable and professional solutions that are built to last.

In this article, we’re discussing the amazing benefits of CCTV inspections for pipes in your home or business. 

What are the advantages of UV relining?

We have a team of professionals who deal with damaged drains quickly. We use the UV relining method for pipe repairs. This technique works best for pipes with diameters of 150-1500 mm. The team installs a liner in the pipe and pressurises it with air. A UV light train moves down the pipe to heat and cure the liner, making it solid.


The method is reliable and effective, ensuring a durable structure. Reline-A-Pipe is there to assist with any reactive or planned maintenance for your sewer or stormwater system.

What are the benefits of using our UV relining services?

For a reliable UV relining consultation, contact us. Our UV lining solution focuses on structural integrity and longevity. It also does not release toxic resin into the environment. Opt for Reline-A-Pipe’s UV lining solution to effectively prolong the life of your asset.


Reline-A-Pipe offers various pipe rehabilitation solutions, including UV lining. Contact us today for a consultation to determine the best pipe repair and lining solutions for your project.

Contact us for your UV pipe relining needs.

Reline-A-Pipe is prepared to assist in repairing and rehabilitating essential drain infrastructure with UV lining. If you require pipe repairs in Sydney, consider choosing Reline-A-Pipe as your first choice of reline installer.

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What Is Pipe Relining and How Does It Work?

Stack of gray PVC tubes plastic pipes

Pipe relining has become an innovative and effective method of repairing broken pipes from the inside. Recent breakthroughs in engineering and science have resulted in environmentally friendly pipe repair methods that don’t require any form of digging or destruction to the surrounding land and structures.  

In this article, we’re looking at how pipe relining works and the different technologies available from Reline-A-Pipe in Sydney for varying degrees of severity.

Understanding Trenchless Pipe Installations and Repairs

During trenchless pipe repairs, old pipes are left in their place while a new pipe is simply created or situated inside or around them. These new pipes are usually made from tough and durable composite resin materials, and they can be stronger than the original pipe ever was.  

‘Trenchless’ means there is no reason to excavate, dig or destroy the land around the pipes. These methods can use a cured-in-place (CIPP) pipe that offers cost-effective, environmentally friendly, convenient and safe solutions for broken and damaged pipes. 

What Is CIPP Relining?

CIPP stands for ‘cured-in-place piping’ and is one of the most popular methods of repairing or replacing pipes without the need for digging. In this process, advanced composite resin materials are placed within the damaged pipes to repair them, improve the flow of water and extend the overall lifespan of the pipe. There are a few different methods of this. 


The Blueline method is used to repair cracked, displaced and broken pipe systems. This works by creating a new structural lining inside of the old pipe. The resin is blown into the pipe to cure and form a new lining that can be relied upon for years to come. 


Redline epoxy coating is used to repair damage in small, pressurised water pipes – these are often found behind walls and ceilings. Redline can fix poor water pressure and correct pipe corrosion, preventing it from occurring in the future. Redline works in a similar method to Blueline but on a smaller scale. 


For load-bearing pipes underneath driveways, gardens or building, we use NUFLOW’s Greenline. This is a fully structural relining repair that can fix high-pressure water service mains. Greenline works by pulling a liner through the pipe, inflating it and then allowing it to cure rock hard.

The Benefits of CIPP Relining

CIPP relining can: 

  • Fix leaks and prevent tree roots from entering the pipe
  • Prevent blocked drains in the future 
  • Eliminate the need for digging, excavation and destruction 
  • Increase the effectiveness and flowrate of the pipe 
  • Prevent contaminants from entering the water 
  • Give structural repairs to sections without existing pipes 
  • Work well in pipes with junctions, bends and changes in diameter 
  • Result in a stronger pipe than the original or a replacement 
  • Result in simpler and more cost-effective repairs 

Speak to Reline-A-Pipe for CIPP Relining in Sydney

As authorised technicians of NUFLOW technology, Reline-A-Pipe can assist your home or business with Blueline, Redline and Greenline relining methods. If you need assistance in Sydney, you can call us on (02) 9649 1099 or contact us online. 

The Ins and Outs of NUFLOW Technology

Picture of miner male hand plumber wearing a industrial glove performing fastening hydraulic hose with pipe wrench into a corner connector construction mine site, Perth, Australia

Reline-A-Pipe works with NUFLOW to bring their amazing technology to the residents and businesses of Sydney. Their trenchless methods of pipe repair have completely revolutionized the industry, creating a cost-effective, convenient and safe way of relining and repairing pipes.  

In this article, we’re having a look at the services available from NUFLOW and their three innovative technology systems for relining pipes – Greenline, Redline, and Blueline. 

CCTV Pipe Inspections and Reporting

It’s crucial that the sewer and stormwater pipes around your home and business are always in the best possible condition , especially when leaks and cracks can get nasty quickly. These leaks can be difficult to locate at times; however, this problem is minimised when you organise regular CCTV inspections with Reline-A-Pipe. 

We use NUFLOW technology to create a comprehensive overview of the state of your pipes, including locating where problems are and finding potential trouble areas. You’ll also receive video footage and a report of everything we’ve found. 

Cleaning and Clearing Blocked Drains

Blocked pipes, drains and sewer lines can cause massive disruptions, costly repairs and health hazards for homes and businesses. The longer these problems are left, the riskier they become. Our technicians are authorised to use NUFLOW technology and equipment to clear blocked drains quickly and effectively.  

Using state-of-the-art inspection equipment, we will pinpoint the exact location of the obstruction or leak in your pipes and then use a variety of methods, including high-pressure water jets, to clear the drain safely.  

Pipe Relining and Pipe Repairs

Broken, weakened, and leaking drainage pipes can cause a lot of stress and inconvenience. Luckily, NUFLOW offers three different solutions for these issues, depending on what kind of problem you’re experiencing.


We use NUFLOW’s patented Blueline pipe relining product to repair cracked, displaced and broken pipe systems. This works by creating a new structural lining inside the old pipe. 


Redline epoxy coating is used to repair damage in small, pressurised water pipes – these are often found behind walls and ceilings. Redline can fix poor water pressure and correct pipe corrosion, preventing it from occurring in the future.  


For load-bearing pipes underneath driveways, gardens or building, we use NUFLOW’s Greenline. This is a fully structural relining repair that can fix high-pressure water service mains by inserting a liner into the pipe, expanding it and allowing it to set.  

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To learn more about the different technologies available from NUFLOW, browse our website or get in touch with the team at Reline-A-Pipe. We will help you discover which method is right for your application. Our professional team offers fast, efficient, and cost-effective services for relining your pipes. You can call us on (02) 9649 1099 or contact us online. 

How Is No-Dig Pipe Repair Changing the Game?

Construction worker hand turning on main water supply valve which connecting to cooling tower unit system building site

There was a time when inspecting and repairing or replacing a pipe was a destructive and disruptive process, putting homes and businesses out of action for weeks at a time. Due to No-Dig Pipe Repair services from Reline-A-Pipe, plumbers can now completely repair and reline pipes without the need for trenches, digging and expensive destruction to your property.  

In this article, we’re having a look at the different kinds of trenchless pipe relining services and how they’re changing the game. 

Blueline Trenchless Pipe Relining

Blueline structured pipe relining is a state-of-the-art no-dig solution for repairing drains. This cheaper, better option for plumbing work gives you a convenient way to repair cracked, broken and blocked sewer, stormwater and drain lines. We recommend Blueline for PVC, clay, asbestos, steel, and copper pipes, and a whole lot more. 

Blueline works by clearing away any obstructions in the pipe with a high-pressure hose and then pulling a NUFLOW liner into place through the pipe. The liner is then inflated with a custom-made bladder and left to cure. Once it has set, the bladder is removed, and your pipe is completely relined – stronger than ever before. 

Blueline is changing how we reline pipes because it is highly effective in jobs that involve irregular-shaped piping due to the malleable, custom bladder. 

Greenline Pipe Lining 

Greenline is an incredibly versatile lining system that helps in situations that require potable (drinkable) water. Due to its incredible strength, Greenline can be used in high-pressure water mains in diameters ranging from 40mm to 600mm with minimal disruption to the surrounding environment. 

Some of the game-changing benefits of Greenline include: 

  • Protecting your pipes from leaks and tree roots in the future 
  • Increasing the flow rate of the water 
  • Minimal impact on the site 
  • Minimal equipment required 
  • Cost-effective and fast 
  • It can be used to connect existing service lines without excavation 

Redline Drainpipe Repair 

Redline is an internal pipe coating system that can be used for pinhole leaks, fixing poor water pressure, finding and correcting pipe corrosion, and preventing contaminants from entering your water supply. Redline is an epoxy pipe lining system that coats the inside of your water, air, gas and fuel lines, regardless of what they’re made of. 

Redline has changed the way we fix minor problems in piping, giving us a cost-effective, zero-destruction, fast method of replacing your pipelines. 

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When it comes to finding your ideal commercial plumbing service in Sydney, don’t look any further than Reline-A-Pipe. We are the specialists in NUFLOW technology, and we will help you understand your problems before recommending an appropriate way forward.  

Get in touch with our team to find out more about our No-Dig Pipe Repair Services. You can call us on (02) 9649 1099 or contact us online.