What Is Pipe Relining and How Does It Work?

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Pipe relining has become an innovative and effective method of repairing broken pipes from the inside. Recent breakthroughs in engineering and science have resulted in environmentally friendly pipe repair methods that don’t require any form of digging or destruction to the surrounding land and structures.  

In this article, we’re looking at how pipe relining works and the different technologies available from Reline-A-Pipe in Sydney for varying degrees of severity.

Understanding Trenchless Pipe Installations and Repairs

During trenchless pipe repairs, old pipes are left in their place while a new pipe is simply created or situated inside or around them. These new pipes are usually made from tough and durable composite resin materials, and they can be stronger than the original pipe ever was.  

‘Trenchless’ means there is no reason to excavate, dig or destroy the land around the pipes. These methods can use a cured-in-place (CIPP) pipe that offers cost-effective, environmentally friendly, convenient and safe solutions for broken and damaged pipes. 

What Is CIPP Relining?

CIPP stands for ‘cured-in-place piping’ and is one of the most popular methods of repairing or replacing pipes without the need for digging. In this process, advanced composite resin materials are placed within the damaged pipes to repair them, improve the flow of water and extend the overall lifespan of the pipe. There are a few different methods of this. 


The Blueline method is used to repair cracked, displaced and broken pipe systems. This works by creating a new structural lining inside of the old pipe. The resin is blown into the pipe to cure and form a new lining that can be relied upon for years to come. 


Redline epoxy coating is used to repair damage in small, pressurised water pipes – these are often found behind walls and ceilings. Redline can fix poor water pressure and correct pipe corrosion, preventing it from occurring in the future. Redline works in a similar method to Blueline but on a smaller scale. 


For load-bearing pipes underneath driveways, gardens or building, we use NUFLOW’s Greenline. This is a fully structural relining repair that can fix high-pressure water service mains. Greenline works by pulling a liner through the pipe, inflating it and then allowing it to cure rock hard.

The Benefits of CIPP Relining

CIPP relining can: 

  • Fix leaks and prevent tree roots from entering the pipe
  • Prevent blocked drains in the future 
  • Eliminate the need for digging, excavation and destruction 
  • Increase the effectiveness and flowrate of the pipe 
  • Prevent contaminants from entering the water 
  • Give structural repairs to sections without existing pipes 
  • Work well in pipes with junctions, bends and changes in diameter 
  • Result in a stronger pipe than the original or a replacement 
  • Result in simpler and more cost-effective repairs 

Speak to Reline-A-Pipe for CIPP Relining in Sydney

As authorised technicians of NUFLOW technology, Reline-A-Pipe can assist your home or business with Blueline, Redline and Greenline relining methods. If you need assistance in Sydney, you can call us on (02) 9649 1099 or contact us online. 

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