The Benefits of CCTV Inspections for Pipes

Checking clogged toilet pipe with inspection camera.

There was a time when finding blockages and damage in sewer pipes and drain lines involved expensive and destructive digging. These days, professionals like Reline-A-Pipe use CCTV technology to search for and locate leaks, obstructions, damage and more without the need for digging.  

In this article, we’re discussing the amazing benefits of CCTV inspections for pipes in your home or business. 

The Latest Technology on the Market

At Reline-A-Pipe, we’re qualified and authorised technicians of NUFLOW technology. As NUFLOW technicians, we use the latest, rugged, agile CCTV camera equipment. By only using the best equipment, we can access sewer systems, stormwater networks, and pipes of all shapes and sizes regardless of the conditions.  

Some leaks can be complicated to find with lesser equipment, which is why it’s so important to use highly trained and experienced professionals. When problems are left untreated, you may find yourself with serious structural and functional complications in a crucial aspect of your property.  


Using CCTV before commencing any pipe repairs has become industry best practice because it does not affect the structural integrity of the pipes and it is the safest, cheapest method of inspection.  

The benefits of CCTV pipe inspections from Reline-A-Pipe include: 

  • Precisely locating blockages, tree roots, breaks, leaks and corrosion 
  • Instant diagnosis 
  • Close up footage, tilting and capturing details that cannot be seen by the naked eye 
  • A safe method of inspection that doesn’t require excavation 
  • Checking for preventative repairs before the problem gets worse 
  • It is cost-effective
  • Upfront, precise, honest and transparent results and quotes 
  • You receive a copy of the footage and the detailed report

The best part of CCTV pipe inspections is the minimisation of damage and disruption to your property. Where once we would need to excavate the area and open the pipes to remove blockages, now we can use cameras and high-pressure hoses that don’t cause any damage to the surrounding land and structures. 

When Should I Organise a Pipe Inspection?

Pipe inspections are essential in assessing the location and extent of damage in your pipes. They are also ideal for pre-purchase inspections, assessments before renovating, and preventative maintenance. Our technology can reveal broken and crushed pipes, misaligned pipes, foreign objects and tree roots, and incorrectly connected pipes. 

Speak to Reline-A-Pipe for CCTV inspections when you notice: 

  • Frequent and recurring blockages 
  • Flooding and backed up water 
  • Slow drains 
  • Bad odours 
  • Gurgling sounds 
  • Cracking on your exterior walls 
  • Movement in retaining walls 
  • Bright, green patches of lawn  
  • Consistently wet areas in the yard

Book Your CCTV Pipe Inspection in Sydney 

If you notice any of the above signs, get in touch with the team at Reline-A-Pipe. We recommend organising regular CCTV inspections to prevent potential issues in the future. You can call the team at Reline-A-Pipe in Sydney on (02) 9649 1099 or contact us online.